Let Their Voices be Heard!

The day-to-day choices we make in our interactions with others can greatly affect the lives of those around us. Will we build up with our words, or will we tear down? Will we take the time to learn the facts, or will we continue to ignore? Will we strive to understand, or will we remain ignorant? These questions are especially pertinent to how we deal with dyslexia. The answers to these questions can be life-altering. Our response can bring hope and encouragement or defeat and devastation.                                                 "What's RIGHT with Me?"

what affects do our words, perceptions, and actions have on those who learn differently? 

What does it feel like - how does it feel, to be chronically, day after day, week after week, month after month, and for many children, year after year - not good enough? Not good enough at something that they know is important, that they know is causing them to fall behind, that they can't seem to get good enough at achieving, and that they can't hide because their family, friends, and peers know about it too? What is the effect of chronically feeling, "not good enough" about your learning?                                                                                                  David Boulton, Children of the Code


Humiliation really affects your life when you're a kid. You accept that you're no good at this.                                      Billy Bob Thornton, Actor

Being able to read is the 'face of intelligence' you present to society, and if you can't read, people just automatically assume that you're stupid.                                                                     What happens to individuals with dyslexia in school is that reading becomes this big fifty-pound weight that just drags your whole body under.                                                          Glenn Bailey

Glenn Bailey is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who dropped out of school because "it wasn't adding much to the strengths he intended to use in the real world." He used his strong visual-spatial skills in the real estate field ....

“When I see a property I can instantly construct a new house on it. I can see exactly how that house is going to look, and I can walk through every room in that house, and out into the garden, and everywhere. I can turn my thoughts into reality…I can do a detailed walk through in my mind of every house and property we’ve ever built.”                                                                                                               – Glenn Bailey

With the right help, things can turn around!

Dear Rolph Literacy Academy, 

Thank you for all you have done for my son. He used to come home from school crying because his classmates were making fun of him. He wasn't being picked on for how he dressed or talked, but for how he learned. They were making fun of him for having to verbally work through a problem before getting the answer. They teased him so badly he didn't want to go back to his traditional magnet school.

After his first day at your school he came home beaming. He said, "Mom! There are other kids that learn like me!" He is happier than ever.

Your program not only gave him confidence, it has also given him the greatest gift of all ... he can read. Which is great because those bridge building and engineering books he likes were beginning to make my eyes tired. 

There are not enough thanks in the world to express my gratitude!

Tammy Wilson                      (Mother of Jim Wilson)




Jim discovered a gift for acting when performing at the 2017 Garden Party.